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📌 Sean Reifschneider: PyCon 2010 Networking Wrap-up

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: PyCon has the best wifi of any conference, and it’s because of Sean. if you want good networking, hire Sean. #

📌 PyCon 2009 wireless network report

Sean’s report on the networking at PyCon 2009 is a great read -- funny, and packed full of information. I’ve constantly amazed at the quality of the wifi at PyCon -- conferences half PyCon’s size usually make the network buckle. Folks running large conferences seem to have two choices when it comes to wifi: have it fail, or hire tummy.com. Simple. #

📌 UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo - MadWifi - Trac

Drivers for the p1510’s wifi. The SVN install worked great for me, and this howto did as well (though not all the term geekery was needed, it’s pretty fun to walk through) #