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πŸ“Œ Alexsey’s TTPs

What a real attacker does. No 0days, all chained exploits. Very worth studying, in detail. #

πŸ“Œ Doc Searls Weblog Β· What if Flickr fails?

I’m really, really scared about this, too. I’m hoping that someone steps up to do what pinboard.in did for delicious, but it’s quite a bit of a harder problem. #

πŸ“Œ Microsoft makes unsolicited $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo - Feb. 1, 2008

Reminds me of Exite/@Home and AOL/TimeWarner: a huge merge right at the tail end of a huge bubble. Mark my words: nothing good will come of this. #

πŸ“Œ Browser-Based Authentication

Yahoo-based single-sign-on. #

πŸ“Œ PowerPoint Presentation - Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!

β€œSince 1996, Yahoo has been running Apache HTTP Server on thousands of servers and serving billions of requests a day. This session reveals the secrets of how Yahoo gets maximum performance out of minimal hardware...” #

πŸ“Œ Yahoo Application ID Usage Data

... because I can never remember where this is ... #

πŸ“Œ del.icio.us: y.ah.oo!

Well, there goes the neighborhood. #

πŸ“Œ Yahoo! Answers - Home

Ask MeFi is in trouble... #

πŸ“Œ Term Extraction Documentation for Yahoo! Search Web Services #